Latest Eid Collection 2012 By Inaaya | Naushaba Brohi Sindhi Tradition Dresses 2012 For Eid By Inaaya

The press release for Naushaba Brohi's new fashion label begins with the dictionary of the name: Inaaya "in-aa-yah" Empathy, the capacity to recognize and share the feelings of others. Inaaya is obviously a socially conscious fashion brand. Using classic Sindhi dyeing, design and embellishment techniques, Naushabas label interprets them through the lens of contemporary fashion. Inaaya also pays homage to its roots by ethically employing dozens of artisans in interior Sindh who manufacture the distinctive fabric which is part of Inaaya's signature. Naushaba Brohi is reaching out via fashion to women in impoverished areas, helping to make a living and support their families.  It's a fabulous story and one that is backed by an equally strong design philosophy - there have been attempts at doing this before, but the results have rarely been as fashion forward. At Inaaya, there is no compromise on the the factor - no attempt to revive the rural silhouette. these are quintessentially urban outfits. a welcome addition to any sophisticated wardrobe. "Heritage-Rich fabrics infused with elegant modernism, " is how Naushaba Brohi describes Inaaya. It's the ultimate organic concept.

Naushaba Brohi Collection 2012
 Inaaya Present Sindhi Trendy Dresses
 Sindhi Neckline On Shirt For Eid
 Inaaya By Naushaba Brohi Collection 2012-13
Inaaya is available at labels and Ensemble in Karachi, Fashion Pakistan lounge in Lahore.

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